ERP in Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesalers and distributors need to keep track of a large amount of frequently updating data as well accurate planning that will keep the organisation running on-schedule.

Specialist paint producer, Firwood Paints Ltd, is using Sage ERP X3 to improve its production and manufacturing processes. Managing Director, Martin Wallen, invites you to join them while they share best practices, showcase their use of the solution and answer any of your questions.

This is becoming exponentially difficult in today’s environment as organizations take orders from an increasing amount of channels (online, in store, call center, etc.) and deliver those orders through multiple third parties.

In other words, wholesalers and distributors must accurately predict demand and provide products to customers when they need them at a low price, no matter how the order is taken or delivered. As a result, the majority of wholesalers and distributors rely on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a hub for customer.