Double deal day for Google

Internet giant Google has made its 58th and 59th acquisitions of the year with the purchases of Apture and Katango.

In a busy year for Google, during which it has shelled out $12.5 billion (£7.7 billion) for Motorola Mobility and $151 million for restaurant review service Zagat, its most current deals are set to be added to its Chrome and Google+ ventures.

Apture provides services which allow users to undertake in-page searches of web pages, and is said to assist Google with its Chrome web browser, while Katango is used to organise online social contacts and is set to be used in social media network Google+.

Technology from Apture is used by websites such as the Financial Times, Reuters and the Economist to allow customers to access information.

‘We […] will be joining the Chrome team to continue driving innovation and creating a better user experience on the web,’ Apture says on its website.

On Kantago’s website, a statement says: ‘We are excited to join the Google+ team and carry on fulfilling that mission. Google+ is seeing tremendous momentum, so it’s a perfect time to join and make ‘circles’ smarter for millions of people.’

During 2011 Google has acquired one British company, price comparison website, for £37.7 million. It also bought Irish digital video business Green Parrot Pictures for an undisclosed amount.

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