Crowdfunding campaign launched to pay for selected students’ accommodation

Living The Dream scholarship initiative used collective financial clout to fund worthy students’ living arrangements.

Students all over the world can win the chance to have their accommodation fees crowdfunded in a pioneering scholarship programme run by Uniplaces.

The Living The Dream Scholarship claims to be the first crowdfunding campaign that directly supports student mobility through the collective financial power of the global student community.

To be eligible for the funding, students have to submit videos of themselves performing “random acts of kindness”. Submissions received so far range from topping up a housemate’s travel card to arranging a furniture swap at a university campus.

A pilot scheme for the programme is currently running. Five students, including one in the UK, will have the accommodation for the remainder of the current university term paid for through the scheme. Applications are now open and close on 10 April.

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The Uniplaces Living the Dream scholarship is built on a Social Growth Model, meaning that it grows as Uniplaces grows. With every booking made through the Uniplaces website, £1 will be placed in the fund.

As Uniplaces is set to receive a rapidly increasing number of bookings, the plan is for the scholarship to be awarded to more new applicants each year.

Uniplaces co-founder Ben Grech said the new programme demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to “breaking down social and geographical barriers for students”.

“Uniplaces believes everyone should feel they have a place at university, and every element of this campaign is designed to help not just those who obtain scholarships, but anyone who comes into contact with an act of kindness,” he continued.

“It’s a simple mechanic that really brings our mission to life and encourages students to make their campuses welcoming for everyone. It’s our goal to make the scholarship bigger each year. For us it’s not just a scholarship, it’s a movement to help empower students to follow their dreams, while inspiring a culture of kindness across the globe”.

Praseeda Nair

Kellen Rempel

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