Cooling business bought out

The assets of Sheffield-based Iceotope have been bought out by a consortium, backed by a seven figure investment sum, on the back of entering administration in October.

Green data business Iceotope provides liquid cooling technology which reduces power consumption in data centres.

The consortium, which is acquiring the technology and IP, is being led by the original engineering team of the business, including original inventor and newly appointed chief technology officer Peter Hopton.

Hopton comments: ‘With the data centre industry growing by 12 per cent each year, data centre providers are struggling to keep up with the demand for higher efficiency and higher density, while keeping power consumption and costs to a minimum.

‘Iceotope’s unique technology can help data centre providers to save half of all overall electricity costs compared to an average data centre.’

Hopton gained fame for pitching green IT technologies on investor programme Dragons’ Den, despite not securing capital for his company VeryPC.

Iceotope’s technology works by sealing the electronic components in a data centre inside ‘giant’ head-pipes containing ultra-convective fluid. This in turn means that all generated heat can be contained in water and ‘efficiently’ removed without heating up the surrounding data centre environment.

According to a statement 40 per cent of today’s data centre costs are power related. By 2015 this figure is expected to exceed 50 per cent.

‘In order to attempt to combat these escalating costs, many companies are looking to drastic measures to improve their cooling efficiency, such as moving their data centres to the Arctic Circle,’ Hopton says.

‘Iceotope technology makes this move obsolete, as this liquid cooling technology allows full-time free cooling everywhere on the globe.’

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