The benefits of eSports betting

A lot of people say that eSports betting will ultimately be the downfall of eSports. This new type of betting has taken the world of sports betting by storm and now gamers fear that it might corrupt their competitions irreversibly.

They are wrong, however. Video games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Melee and StarCraft II offer the perfect situation for wagering. If gambling on them is publicly recognised, it will automatically be better regulated. In turn, this will preserve the purity of eSports competitions both immediately and in the long run.

Let’s look at some of the more important benefits that a regulated eSports betting market can offer to betting enthusiasts, viewers and eSports teams and players.

More viewers

Well organised eSports competitions can have tens of thousands of spectators inside the sports arena and millions watching at home. However, when an event is made available for betting, the number of viewers instantly increases.

This is to be expected since the general rule of betting is that if you wager on an event you will be much more likely to watch it live than if you didn’t. So a person may normally bet on football or basketball, but might be attracted to the allure of eSports betting even though they don’t normally bet on eSports.

This also means that the competition will be closely followed by betting enthusiasts who have never even heard of eSports, but are watching live to root for their bet to be a winning one. Some first-time followers of the sport might find it quite amusing and follow it more frequently in the future.

Better sponsorship deals

Sponsors seek security and popularity. If eSports betting is regulated it will be much more appealing for a reputable sponsor to invest its money in the sport. Knowing that the deal he makes is safe and secure will give the sponsor even more freedom to include more money in it.

In addition, the increased number of viewers will also mean that the eSports event will be followed by larger audiences and therefore the sponsor will get a chance to reach more individuals. And we all know how much sponsors value good promotion.

Increase in salaries and prize money

With better sponsorship deals being struck between companies and competitions, there will be an increase in salaries and larger sums of prize money for teams and individual players. This will benefit eSports participants immediately and they will be much more motivated when they enter a competition.

This will also result in improving the levels of professionalism inside eSports and all games will have the chance to get to the level of professionalism that games such as League of Legends and Counter Strike currently enjoy.

For newer game competitions this might be the difference between continuing to exist and perishing. This is because, with more money available, teams will be able to enable employment and development of quality players, coaches and other types of staff.

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