Christian Lanng is CEO, chairman and co-founder of Tradeshift, with the lead responsibility of shaping strategy and vision. Founded in 2010, the business is based on his mission to change the way businesses communicate with each other.

Growth Planning

Expanding your global footprint

Taking a business worldwide should be implemented from a very early stage with a few key strategies.


Two years on: Lessons learned from the Funding for Lending Scheme

Looking back on Funding for Lending, it's largely been a failure. But all is not lost, with new options for SMEs gaining traction.


Why SMEs should implement truly flexible working

Flexible working has been around for a while in various forms, but here is why I think a truly flexible approach works.


Build your business not your network: A message to European entrepreneurs

Early-stage businesses need to be careful to not get swept up in the sexy start-up scene.


Christian Lanng


Traditional finance methods aren’t working for SMEs, but disruptive change is afoot

While there is all too often doom and gloom surrounding business lending, Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng believes that alternative methods could be about to provide a much needed shake-up.