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Venture Capital Funding

Venture capital: Evaluating the risk profile of investments 

How do VCs assess risk when looking forensically at investment portfolios? Here's how to assess venture capital investments


10 security tips for remote and mobile working

Philip Woods takes a look at businesses allowing employees to work remotely or from home, and offer their top ten security tips to consider for employees working remotely.

Human Resources

Improving workplace hygiene to shield your staff from illness

Whether it is the winter weather or coronavirus coming to us from abroad, it looks like illness is set to increase dramatically: so how can you combat poor health and absence through hygiene?


Start young, sleep less: study reveals leadership formula

A study of 100 influential business leaders within a majority of sectors over the last 100 years reveals an unexpected formula for start-up success.


Five ways government is assisting SME growth

The government continues to provide opportunities for growing companies. Here are a few of them.

Human Resources

Race and the workplace: Five ways businesses can use BAME employee networks for growth

Just four CEOs of the FTSE 100 are Black, Asian or of another ethnic minority group. But can quotas and business networks help boost diversity in UK corporations?

Growth Planning

The five key business growth drivers

If you want to drive new business development for your company, these are some of the things that you'll need to consider.


What does being an entrepreneur REALLY mean these days?

HIROLA Group's Amit Shah explores what being an entrepreneur really means these days, hype versus reality and whether some people are discouraged by it all.

Venture Capital Funding

What do cloud start-ups need to do in order to attract the right kind of investment?

With the adoption of cloud computing in Europe at an all-time high, here's what cloud SMEs need to do in order to attract the right kind of investment. Salesforce Ventures' Alex Kayyal writes.

Human Resources

10 hacks for more productive business meetings

The average British worker will sit through 6,239 meetings in their career. That's an entire year off your life, according to estimates. The study by Sennheiser Communications went on to reveal that one in five admitted to dozing off during work meetings, while an overwhelming 60 per cent of these meeting-manic workers find them generally 'pretty pointless'.


Improving the supply chain through support and advice

When a companies supply chain stretches across all four corners of the globe, helping them to improve is an important challenge.

Financial Management

Why you need a shareholders agreement when starting a company

Writing a shareholders' agreement may save you time, money and stress in the long term, says Catherine Feechan, a partner in the corporate department at law firm Brodies.