Chris Ingram is a businessman, entrepreneur and art collector who was judged London Entrepreneur of the Year' in 2000 in the Ernst & Young awards and was founder of the CIA advertising agency.


Good, but not great

The internet revolution has redefined what 'great' is when it comes to business.

Private equity

Beware of death by a thousand questions in the private equity game

Private equity firms are very dangerous to know if yours is a small, fast-moving firm.

Growth Planning

Leading a fast-growth business

Leading a fast-growth business is uncannily like mountaineering. Don’t look down or you’ll get dizzy with your success and how far you’ve got. Then you’ll fall off. Just look up and keep going until you get to the top, says Chris Ingram.


Dysfunctional teams

I can’t get away from this idea that football is a goldfish bowl for demonstrating the best – and worst – in management practice.


The Role of Luck in Business

It’s funny how often the word luck comes into the conversation when people are discussing the subject of success in business.


Football and man management 

In my last blog I said there was precious little you could learn about business from a football club.


Where football meets business

A love of football starts in childhood and, in a sense, never really leaves there. Footie is pure fantasy where club owners, players and fans lose themselves in the pursuit of the next win.


Founding principles

The biggest barrier to business success may just be yourself.


Information rage

A recent study of employees at an investment management company found that they were interrupted 20 times an hour.


Working smarter when scaling your venture

One of the things most frequently overlooked by young entrepreneurs is the scalability of their venture.


Get on your staff’s wavelength

Listening will make you a better leader and that’s all the more true when times are hard.


Business Negotiation Nuances

If people think about negotiating at all, they assume you should play it hard and reveal nothing.