Sara Williams was executive chairman of AIM-listed Vitesse Media (the original publisher of GrowthBusiness.co.uk), the company she started in 1997. A former investment analyst with Kleinwortt Benson, Sara is the author of The FT Guide to Business Start Up. She has written for several national newspapers and appears regularly in broadcasts on television and radio.


The perfect entrepreneurial recipe

Three key ingredients for entrepreneurial success.

Alternative Finance for Business

ABL steps out of the shadows

From refinancing existing debt to recovery and turnaround, asset-based lending is an option for businesses looking for safer, more certain lending in uncertain times.


Overcoming fear of change

One man’s exciting challenge can be another’s nightmare. All too often that’s exactly how change is viewed by an organisation...


Stages of business growth

Building a business is a unique journey because the operation you run evolves through so many different stages - until you stand back from the cash flows, contracts, and strategies, you often can't recognise at what stage your venture is.


What’s luck got to do with it?

‘What I wish I’d known when I started’. The essence of the article is entrepreneurs confessing to their mistakes and offering insights into what they have learned as a result.


Failure is always a danger

I’m in a good mood this festive season, which is why I’d like to remind you that the odds of your business sinking or running aground are scarily high...

Mergers & Acquisitions

Peter Cullum: The art of smart buying

When Peter Cullum and his colleagues first sat around his kitchen table in 1997 to plan the creation of Towergate, they were clear from the outset that acquisition was central to the strategy.


Graphite ups care home commitment

Mid-market private equity house Graphite Capital has upped its equity interest in nursing homes operator Avery Healthcare (along with management) to £23 million, in order to aid the latter’s ambitious expansion plans.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Setting up e-commerce via a website

Q: I have built a website that shows details of products that I would like to be available for sale. How do I go about setting the site up as a transactional site, and what key elements do I need to add?


Business ethics: Between right and wrong

In the cut and thrust of business deals, dubious decisions and questionable morals are commonplace but can cause serious problems for growing companies, says Michael Jackson.

Venture Capital Funding

How to attract a fund manager – Your keys to more cash

If you want to attract a fund manager and their cash to your business, you need to know how much money they have, what types of businesses they are looking for and, most crucially, how to make the initial contact. GrowthBusiness investigates.

Venture Capital Funding

Business Turnarounds: rising from the dead

Alchemists of old used to try to turn lead into gold, but latter-day exponents take businesses on their death-beds and nurse them back to rude health, says Elderstreet Investments boss Michael Jackson.