Human Resources

How to ensure that your HR software implementation is a success

Are you thinking of rolling out new HR software in your workplace?


The top 5 cities in the UK for burglaries revealed

We all hear stories in the press every now and then about daring bank heists, but the truth is, being burgled is a thought that rarely crosses a business owner’s mind. After all, the preconception is that this sort of crime is something that only happens in run-down areas or to companies that deal with a lot of money.


The benefits of eSports betting

Human Resources

Top 10 workplace annoyances that can impact productivity

Here are the top ten workplace annoyances that hinder productivity, according to

Social Media

Social media and out-of-home branding: a true bromance for brands

So why exactly do social media and OOH make for such an effective marketing combination?

PR and Marketing Strategy

5 free and effective ways to generate more B2B sales this year

Here are five free and cost-effective methods of generating more sales for your B2B brand.


How to build your own photography website in minutes

You have been thinking about it a lot and finally decided to start a photography or creative business. It's so exciting, you have a legal name registered and now you need to start marketing your services to potential clients…

Growth Planning

The importance of investing in design

Design influences and impact in equal ways both functionality and marketability. Here's why it matters in your business.


Business insurance: What you need to know

Before you get business insurance, however, there are a few things you should know. This article elaborates on the most common types of business insurance you can make the most of.

Growth Planning

Brexit and the currency market: everything to watch for

PR and Marketing Strategy

4 simple tactics to increase B2B sales

Generic B2C sales tactics just won’t cut it in the B2B market. Here are four tactics that could work.


Inspiring professional women in male dominated industries

From poker champions to race-car drivers, these three professional women serve as inspiration for women to break through the glass ceiling in male dominated fields.