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Accounting and Finance Software

Desktop vs cloud accounting: What to consider 

What are the key differences between desktop and cloud accounting software, and what should you consider when it comes to choosing a solution for your business

Accounting and Finance Software

Accounting and financial management software: What you need to know 

Fast-growth businesses need a solution that can cope with the demands of an ever-increasing volume of data, transactions, and tasks


Boosting confidence in outsourcing your customer service function to call centres in Africa

CCI Kenya discusses why outsourcing key of your business processes to call centres in Africa may be beneficial

PR and Marketing Strategy

Three tips for growing your startup’s revenue in 2023

Your startup may have a world beating product or service but it’s no good if nobody knows about it. Here are three ways to hammer your message home to customers


Businesses beware: 5 major ransomware attack cases in 2022 that victimised businesses

A ransomware attack is a nightmare that hits the majority of businesses. What can we learn from the worst cases in 2022, and how can companies prevent this cyberattack?

Cyber Security

Cloud security posture management (CSPM): A must-have for modern businesses

Here, we talk about what cloud security posture management (CSPM) is and why you need it for your business

Human Resources

GrowthBusiness teams up with Jobbio to help find your next great job

GrowthBusiness joins forces with Jobbio to offer tech start-ups and investors the latest job postings, taking your career up to the next level


4 guiding principles for overwhelmed CFOs of high-growth businesses

Here are some principles to live by for overwhelmed CFOs in high-growth businesses.


Key trends driving success in the diamond industry

MD of London Diamonds speculates on the trends driving the diamond industry and its future success


The imperfect diamonds becoming all the rage | James Sanders

James Sanders discusses how the diamond market is developing and why imperfect diamonds are becoming increasingly popular


Adopting a people first approach to technology

In this article, The Access Group explains how we can harness the potential of technology to deliver better, more human results

Human Resources

5 ways to prevent your employees from burning out

Employee burnout is one of the leading causes of workplace absences. You can help to prevent employee burnout by following these five steps