Iraq war veteran, author, and leadership expert Ben Morton began his career in the British Army and trained at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Following two operational tours of Iraq, he retired his commission as a Captain leaving the Forces in 2006. In addition to his time leading teams in the Armed Forces and Industry, Morton has led numerous groups of soldiers and students on expeditions to some of the most remote and challenging parts of the world. From the steppe country of Mongolia to the jungles of Borneo and from the European Alps to conflict torn Basra – he knows what it takes to lead teams in the most demanding environments. As a leader, Morton’s style has always been one based upon coaching. He believes that those he has had the privilege to lead always had the capability to find their own solutions; they just needed a little support. Morton is clear that the route to unlocking the potential in teams and individuals is based upon giving people time, support and asking the right questions. In addition to his practical coaching experience he is also qualified as a Level 7 Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor through the Institute of Leadership and Management. Alongside his coaching, Morton specialises in two key areas. Helping individuals moving into their first senior leadership role or those whose careers have progressed rapidly, finding themselves leading large and often very experienced teams. Secondly, he works with clients to enable them to understand what is required to develop high performing, highly effective teams across all levels of an organisation.


Victim, villain or hero: where do you stand as a leader?

Mission: Leadership. Gulf war veteran and business leader, Ben Morton, outlines what it takes to be a leader and what he has learned along the way.