Wol Kolade is Managing Partner at Livingbridge, a global mid-market private equity firm with offices across the UK, Australia and the US.

Venture Capital Funding

Making it BIG

Venture capitalist Wol Kolade shares lessons learned from two decades of investing in growth companies.


Wooing business? It’s all talk

The government has had long enough to talk about supporting businesses – now it’s time for action. GrowthBusiness blogger Wol Kolade gives his view of Number 10's recent work.

Exit Strategies

Know your exit strategy before you invest in a business

The blunt truth is that private equity houses need to understand what the exit strategy is the moment they start talking to potential investee companies. GrowthBusiness blogger Wol Kolade explains.


Wol Kolade: End of the tunnel

It is difficult to be optimistic in the face of the government's austerity measures, plummeting consumer confidence and the ongoing debt woes surrounding the EU and the US. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.


High time for the high street?

GrowthBusiness blogger Wol Kolade says the government’s sentiment to fix the high street is laudable but there is nothing new about the decline of the high street as a centre for the community.


Wol Kolade: Life beyond Euroland

Don't waste time wishing the Eurozone mess will all go away. GrowthBusiness blogger Wol Kolade writes that SMEs who run with it and look at other options, may just turn a bad situation to an advantage.


Wol Kolade: Time for a rethink

Now that the hysteria surrounding Start-Up Britain has died down, Wol Kolade explains where the government is going wrong on start-ups.


In a post crisis world private equity can play a vital role

Even the best entrepreneurial businesses need capital to grow and develop. Private equity is very much open to business.


Struggle for survival

GrowthBusiness blogger Wol Kolade explains that in a low-growth economy, it is not going to be good enough for a business to be an also-ran in the race for growth.


Wol Kolade: Leaner machines

ISIS Equity Partners managing partner Wol Kolade joins GrowthBusiness as a blogger. In his first post, he explains why entrepreneurial businesses have the opportunity of a decade to help improve public services.