Employers embrace support for over-50s to harness their valuable skills

In an era where ageism has been a significant concern in the workplace, a groundbreaking report by Aviva, one of the UK's foremost insurance and retirement companies, brings refreshing news.

Growth Planning

Expansion through franchising

McDonalds and Dyno-Rod are two brands that have successfully used franchising as a means of business expansion. Here are the pros and cons


What family businesses can learn from The Godfather

Aside from being one of the most influential books and films of my generation, The Godfather has a few lessons for the boss of a family-run business, writes Ken Jacobson, former CEO of chief executive mentoring organisation, Vistage


NatWest adds £5bn of funding to help SMEs get through coronavirus crisis

Extra £5bn of funding added to £8bn Growth Fund as small business braces for worst as coronavirus takes hold

PR and Marketing Strategy

What is Bitrix24 and how it can help your customer management

Bitrix24 guide to its CRM software and how it automates small business marketing and sales, helping your business run smoother, ultimately boosting revenue

Financial Management

Over 140 industry leaders attend inaugural Women in Finance Summit

Thirty speakers address inequality in financial services at well-received event in central London

Legislation and Regulation

Modern slavery legislation – what you need to know

Maria Theodoulou discusses how businesses should deal with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act legislation.

Human Resources

Working flexibly is good for business and can improve productivity

Working flexibly can make for a happier workforce and better business. Mungo Park of 52 Group explains how it benefits his company.

Financial Management

Foreign exchange control could minimise the cost of business trips abroad

It may well start to cost more to send staff on business trips abroad but there are ways of controlling some costs by locking into foreign exchange rates, as Nick England of VFX Financial explains

Company Flotations

Stock market listing without an IPO could be a new trend for businesses

Last year Spotify music streamer obtained a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange without raising any money by way of an IPO.  Kamalprit Lally and Kendal Youngblood of law firm Wedlake Bell consider whether this could prove a trend to getting a stock market listing.


Competing Against Amazon – fighting off the behemoth in your market

When a big player enters your market how do you compete? Philip Rooke describes his journey competing against Amazon when it entered his

Growth Planning

Intellectual property – how to protect yours as a start up or scale up

Many owners of start up and scale up businesses over look the importance of protecting their intellectual property. Zain Ali (pictured) of Centuro Global explains what to do and why