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A quarter of UK's 5.4 million SMEs neither have a website nor a listing in an online directory, which could lead to these businesses losing out on the millions of consumers who swear by shopping online. Why is there a digital block for these SMEs, and can artificial intelligence-powered website builders address this?

According to a new report from the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills nearly all SMEs in the UK understandably use the internet for their business in some capacity, whether for online banking or emailing customers. The worrying statistic, however, is that only 64 per cent of them have websites

The report highlights the biggest concerns for SMEs in missing out on all of the opportunities digital skills and internet connectivity can provide in staying competitive against global giants in their space. Apparently, a lack of understanding of online security threats is the primary reasons why these businesses are staying clear from the internet, as well as the assumption that buying a domain, building a website, and maintaining web presence would require expertise and cost a lot of money.

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American web development platform, Wix, challenges this myth with its freemium model and newly launched Wix artificial design intelligence (ADI), which uses AI technology to help users intuitively build their websites. Wix ADI is specifically designed to eliminate the most significant challenges of building websites – time, design and content creation.

Powered by data gathered from the experiences of more than 86 million users, Wix has blended artificial intelligence and a human design to create algorithms that can essentially replace the need for a web designer or developer for budding businesses looking to establish a web presence.

“Building a professional and complete website is the first step in getting online, and while Wix today makes it easy, challenges still exist. With Wix ADI, we solve these challenges, getting businesses online with a fully functioning, stunning looking website easier and faster than ever,” Avishai Abrahami, Wix’s co-founder and CEO said.

​Wix ADI designs tailored websites by learning about the user through a few simple questions, as well as by curating content to create a unique design from billions of combinations and possibilities.

Wix ADI assets that through its platform, no two websites will be designed the same, considering the billions of unique combinations in thousands of business categories.

Wix ADI matches images, text and layout by learning and building based on its knowledge of the users’ business and location, along with content from across the web and social media channels that users can choose to add to their custom design.

According to Abrahami, Wix has been helping SMEs build websites and to manage and grow their businesses online for nearly a decade. The company had been experimenting with artificial intelligence in web development for a number of years, and the new product keeps pace with the way consumers interact with websites now, expecting personality from the brands they engage with, in addition to access to instant information and interactivity.

Watch Wix ADI in action below

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

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